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When will the new Engineering program start?

Wake Forest University plans to begin the Engineering major in the fall of 2017. This means that the lowest-level engineering courses in the curriculum will be first offered in the 2017-2018 academic year. Sophomore level courses will be added in 2018-2019, and more advanced courses in the engineering major will be introduced in 2019-2020 and 2020-2021.

Is the Engineering program ABET accredited?

An Engineering program cannot apply for ABET accreditation until after the program has graduated its first class. Since Wake’s program is being planned with the class of 2021 in mind, we expect to apply for ABET accreditation in the year following the graduation of the class of 2021. Any program that earns ABET accreditation, has the accreditation applied retroactively to the previous year’s class, i.e. to the class of 2021. The curriculum has been planned to satisfy the requirements for ABET accreditation.

Are all the courses in the Engineering program going to be offered at the Wake Forest Innovation Quarter as part of Wake Downtown?

Although we do not know the specific logistical details of the program at such an early stage of our initiation process, it is likely that courses that are required for the Bachelor of Science in Engineering will be split between the Reynolda Campus and Wake Downtown.