Financial Aid

Many accepted students are supported by non-taxable tuition scholarships. Some students receive Graduate  Assistantships, which require several hours of weekly work for the University Writing Center in exchange for an additional stipend. A few additional students receive Graduate Assistantships with a Departmental Fellowship, which require several hours of weekly work for the English Department in exchange for an additional stipend.

Other Financial Opportunities

As an incentive to encourage students to present papers at academic conferences, financial support to defray the costs of travel and lodging is available competitively from the Alumni Student Travel Awards program of the Graduate School. Our students have recently presented their research at a broad range of academic meetings, including, most recently, the conference of the North Eastern MLA, the Conference of the Group for Early Modern Culture, and the North American James Joyce Symposium.

Funds to underwrite travel and scholarly research towards the thesis are also available competitively through the Graduate School’s Richter Awards. 

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