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Knights in battleThe history of the Medieval Studies program demonstrates our continuing commitment to enhancing our students’ intellectual life and to promoting the most intense, in-depth academic experience and the highest level of achievement and success for our budding scholars. The Program was established over twenty years ago, and while selective, its focus on individual students is one of its great strengths.


Medievalists at Wake Forest have a long-established and productive history of interdisciplinary collaboration. The faculty members are drawn from a wide variety of Wake Forest departments and hold degrees from major universities in North America as well as Europe.

Co-Directors and Advisors

Teaching Faculty

  • Jeff Holdridge (Folklore and Mythology in Irish literature, aesthetics)
  • Miriam Jacobson(Early Modern Poetry and Poetics, History of Material Texts, English-Ottoman Exchanges, Classical Antiquity in Early Modern England)
  • Gillian Overing (Anglo-Saxon language, literature and culture; Gender Studies and Cultural Geography)
  • Gale Sigal (Medieval Poetry, The Legend of Arthur, Victorian Medievalism, Chaucer)
  • Olga Valbuena-Hanson (Shakespeare, Early Modern Literature, Early Women Writers)
Romance Languages
  • Sol Miguel-Prendes, Spanish (Cultural and Literary Studies of Medieval Spain)
  • Roberta Morosini, Italian (Medieval Italian Literature and Culture)
  • Judy Kem, French (The Trojan Legend in Late Medieval and Renaissance French Literature, French authors of the Middle Ages and Renaissance)
  • Ulrike Wiethaus (Medieval Christian mysticism, women’s spirituality)
  • Neal Walls (Old Testament Studies, Ancient and Medieval Epic)
  • Stewart Carter (Early music theory and history, Renaissance music)
  • Robert Ulery, Latin
  • Mary Pendergraft, Latin and Greek
  • Darlene Rae May, Arabic
  • Michaelle Browers (Arab and Islamic Political Thought, Medieval Political Theory)
  • Monique O’Connell (Medieval and Renaissance history, early modern empires)
  • Charles Wilkins (Middle Eastern, Ottoman and Islamic history)
  • Patrick Toner, (Ancient Greek and Medieval Philosophy)
Art History
  • Harry Titus (Ancient & Medieval Architecture, Classical and Medieval Art)
  • Bernadine Barnes (Renaissance, Prints, Chinese & Japanese Art)
Dean’s Office
  • Linda McKinnish Bridges (Celtic/Early Irish Studies)

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