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OxfordIn addition to the undergraduate minor and the graduate certificate program, we offer our undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to study the Middle Ages at St. Peter’s College, Oxford, during the summer. The courses at St. Peter’s are conducted by Oxford medievalists. Students may take the Medieval Studies Summer courses offered at St. Peter’s, or they can pursue independent projects, using St. Peter’s as their “home” base. Enrollment at St. Peter’s includes a library pass for the Bodleian as well as other Oxford libraries so that students can further their research projects while in Oxford.


  • Faculty – student research initiatives supported and funded by the College
  • The Medieval Studies lecture series, a cross-disciplinary series including speakers from within and outside of the Wake Forest faculty
  • A paper competition that rewards the winners with funding to the International Congress on Medieval Studies at Western Michigan University
  • The Gordon A. Melson Graduate Student Award in Medieval Studies, specifically awarded to an outstanding graduate student to attend the International Congress on Medieval Studies at Western Michigan University
  • The Medieval Studies summer program at St. Peter’s College, Oxford
  • The Robert M. Shorter award for Excellence in Medieval Studies
  • The annual Wake Forest Medieval Studies Student Society Conference, a student-organized interdisciplinary conference inviting participation from graduates and undergraduates from surrounding universities (see attached conference program).
  • The medieval section of the department’s library in the Archie Ammons English Department Faculty Lounge, donated to the department upon the retirement of Prof. Robert M. Shorter, the English department medievalist for 41 years.
  • The establishment of internships and fellowships for La corónica: A Journal of Medieval Spanish Language, Literature and Cultural Studies, edited by Professor Sol Miguel-Prendes, a medievalist in the Romance Language department.

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