Affiliated Faculty

Wake Forest College

Program Director: Dr. Luke Johnston, Department for Study of Religions

  • Dr. Robert Browne, Department of Biology
  • Dr. Keith Bonin, Department of Physics
  • Dr. Robert Erhardt, Department of Mathematics and Statistics
  • Dr. Dan Hammond, Department of Economics
  • Dr. Dilip Kondepudi, Department of Chemistry
  • Dr. Judith Madera, Department of English
  • Dr. Rebecca Powell, Department of Biology
  • Dr. Miles Silman, Department of Biology
  • Dr. William Smith, Department of Biology
  • Dr. Eric Stottlemyer, Department of English
  • Dr. Paul Thacker, Department of Anthropology
  • Dr. Ron Von Burg, Department of Communication
  • Dr. Richard Williams, Department of Physics

School of Business

  • Dr. Dan Fogel, School of Business

Wake Forest Medical Center

  • Dr. Mark Espeland, Division of Public Health, WFU Medical Center

Wake Forest School of Law

  • Professor Sidney Shapiro
  • Professor Alan Palmiter


  • Dr. Kenneth Addison, Oxford University, Outside Evaluator