Travel Forms and Guides:

Conference Travel Guidelines:

Faculty seeking to present their scholarship at professional conferences should use funding from the following sources in the following order:

  • Departmental Faculty Development Funds
  • Provost’s Travel Fund (click here)
  • College Faculty Development Fund (click here)

Typically, these funds should be adequate to support travel to give 2-3 conference presentations per academic year, depending on the cost per trip. Requests to fund conference travel in excess of these norms will be considered only when the conference presents an exceptional opportunity. Faculty should be selective in considering which conferences and symposia will be most valuable for them to attend. Faculty wishing to attend a conference at which they are not presenting original work, chairing a session, or serving as respondents may seek reimbursement for 50% of the related travel. This guideline applies whether funding is sought at the departmental, College, or Provost’s level.

International travel forms

    • Travel forms, including permission to travel internationally, are provided on this site. Remember, international travel requires that forms be submitted one month in advance of the travel.