“There is a place for films that challenge preconceptions …
for films that explore the meaning of being human in an important way.”

–Peter Brunette


The Minor in Film Studies requires a minimum of 18 hours in approved courses. As an interdisciplinary minor, students may take courses from several departments and choose among offerings that focus on different aspects of film, from production to analysis and cultural studies.

All Film Studies Minors take the following courses:

  • COM 246 Introduction to Film & Media Aesthetics
  • COM 320  Media Theory and Criticism
  • One course in Production (e.g. COM 247, COM 309, COM 316, or COM 310, ART 114 or 214 Digital Art I and II)
  • One course in International Cinema (e.g. FRN, ITL, HMN, EAL)
  • 6 additional hours in elective courses
  • Please consult with the Film Studies Program Director for the complete up-to-date list of approved courses

Students pursuing internships in the film industry may also receive credit towards the Film Studies minor through FLM 101 or 102 Internship in Film Studies.

Spring 2016 Courses


EAL 253 Japanese Film: Themes & Methods (3h) (cross-listed under HMN 253)
EAL 272 Literature and Film: Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Beyond (3h) (cross-listed under HMN 273)
GES 335 German Film (3h) (cross-listed under HMN 235)
FLM 390 Hispanic Cinema
History 385A History Through Film: Bollywood and the Making of Modern India
ITA 327 Modern Italian Cinema (3h)
ART 114 Intro to Video Art
ART 261 Topics in Film History
COM 246 Intro to Film & Media Aesthetics
COM 309 Visual Storytelling
COM 313 Film History Since 1945
COM 320 Media Theory and Criticism
COM 370 Special Topics
Collaborative Filmmaking
History Through the Lens of Documentary Filmmakers
Deadwood and the Western
The Imagination Project
We will also have a course for the film festival. You can receive credit for working on it.  Details TBA but sign up for FLM 101/102



Dr. Woodrow Hood
Director Film Studies Program

Box 7347, Reynolda Station
Wake Forest University
Winston-Salem, North Carolina, 27109