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Stéphanie Pellet
Stéphanie Pellet
Associate Professor
Office: Greene Hall 546
Phone: 336-758-4383


Stéphanie Pellet is an Associate Professor in the Department of French Studies. Her research focuses on second language development, in particular in the area of pragmatics, and foreign language pedagogy, including teaching with technology and multimedia. She is co-author of an intermediate French language textbook, Pause-Café: French in Review / Moving toward Fluency. One current research project examines the role and evolution of foreign language education within liberal arts education. Another looks at the pattern of use of the French future tense to propose a pragmatically-motivated pedagogy. Both projects illustrate how the language learner is at the heart of her research, in turn informing her teaching.



Ph.D. in French Applied Linguistics, University of Texas at Austin (2005)
Dissertation: “The Development of Competence in French Interlanguage Pragmatics: The Case of the Discourse Marker donc” (Director: C. Blyth)

M.A., French Applied Linguistics, University of Texas at Austin (1999)

Coursework towards Teaching Certificate in French, Texas State University (San Marcos) (1996-1997)

ATA-certified translator (English>French) (1996)

Maîtrise en Communication, Université Lyon III (France) (1994)

Licence d’Histoire, Université Lyon III (France) (1993)



Associate Professor, Department of Romance Languages, Wake Forest University (2011-present).

Assistant Professor, Department of Romance Languages, Wake Forest University (2006-2011).

Assistant Instructor, Department of French and Italian, University of Texas at Austin (1997-2004).
First- through fourth-semester courses, including conversation and culture courses.
Course Supervisor (third semester French), (2002-2003).

Instructor, Huston-Tillotson College (Fall 2001).

Instructor, Austin Community College (Summer 2000).

Assistant Instructor, Texas State University (San Marcos, TX) (1996-1997).
First- and second-semester French.



Pause Café: French in Review (McGraw-Hill, 2008), with C. Blyth and N. Megharbi. (Second-year French textbook and workbook).

Book Reviews

Pellet, S. (2015). Review of “Théorie de la relation interlocutive: sens, signe, replication” Catherine Douay & Daniel Roulland for the The French Review. (vol. 88.4)

Pellet, S. (2014). Review of “Regards croisés sur la langue française: Mélanges en l’honneur de Sonia Branca-Rosoff” Yana Grinschpun & Judith Nyée-Doggen (Eds.) for the The French Review.

Pellet, S. (2013). Review of “Les Mots-caresses: Petit inventaire affectueux”, Marie Treps (Paris: CNRS, 2011) for The French Review, October 2013, 87.1.

Professional Articles

Myers, L. and Pellet, S. (2015). “Intercultural Communicative Competence: Turning Students into Agents” The Language Educator, Volume 10, Issue 3, August/September.

Myers, L. and Pellet, S. (2014). “Pourquoi in Spoken French: Corpus-based Function-form Mapping” Chapter in Stacey Katz-Bourns and Lindsy Myers (Eds.), Perspectives on Linguistic Structure and Context: Studies in Honor of Knud Lambrecht. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.

Wikis for Building Content Knowledge in the Foreign Language Classroom. (forthcoming, in CALICO Journal, Volume 29, Issue 2) (2012).

Critical Language Learning: le rôle de la littéracie et de la métacognition dans l’acquisition du français langue étrangère. Proceedings of the Congrès Mondial de Linguistique Française (CMLF 2010), New-Orleans, July 2010.

The Pragmatics of the French Discourse Markers donc and alors. In Leow, R., Campos, H., and Lardiere, D. (Eds.), Little Words: Their history, phonology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics, and acquisition (pp. 159-170). Proceedings of the Georgetown University Round Table of Languages and Linguistics (GURT) (2009).

A Pedagogical Approach to Left-Dislocation in Spoken French. Texas Foreign Language Bulletin, 16, 22-24 (2005).


FRH 153 – Intermediate French
FRH 154 – Accelerated Intermediate French
FRH 319 – Advanced Grammar and Composition
FRH 320 – Conversation
FRH 321 – Introduction to French Translation
FRH 322 – French phonetics
FRH 345 – Language and Society
FRH 343 – Modern French

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