Academic Year 2014-2015

September 18
“Preemptive Emotion Work among Families of Seriously Ill Children.” Amanda Gengler, Department of Sociology, Wake Forest University.

October 30
“Immigrants and Other Foreigners in the United States: A History of Immigration and Citizenship Law.” Kanul Parker, University of Miami School of Law.

November 20
“Buying Gay: Physique Magazines, Censorship, and the Rise of the Gay Movement.” David Johnson, History Department, University of South Florida.

December 4
“‘That Sounds Like A Proposition to Me’: Men’s Interpretation of Women’s Identity Work.” Matthew Ezzell, Department of Sociology, James Madison University.

April 23
“Creativity and Capital: Herbert Hall, George Barton and Early Occupational Therapy Workshops, 1905-1923.” Sasha Mullally, Department of History, University of New Brunswick.

Academic Year 2013-2014

September 19

“Historic Houses of Worship in Peril: Religious Building and American Culture.”  Thomas Frank, University Professor in the Departments of History and Religion, Wake Forest University.

October 3

“Occupational Mobility and Racial Inequality in the Evolving Public Sector.” George Wilson, Department of Sociology, University of Miami.

January 30

“Encountering Transnational Families and Creating Value in an Italian Fast-Fashion District.”  Elizabeth Krause, Department of Anthropology, University of Massachusetts Amherst.

February 21 Tribble Hall B-116

“‘Broken Fragments of the Primitive Life’: Race and Dynamic Psychiatry at Saint Elizabeth Hospital, 1900-1940.”  Martin Summers, Department of History and African & African Diaspora Studies, Boston College.

March 6 Tribble Hall B-116

“Inventing the ‘Creative City’: Cultural Capital and the Making of North Carolina’s Research Triangle, 1953-1965.” Alex Sayf Cummings, Department of History, Georgia State University.

March 27  Tribble Hall B-116

“Policing Human Trafficking 19th Century Style:  Lessons from the Era of the Slave Trade Ban.” Cynthia Hahamovitch, Department of History, The College of William & Mary.

April 24  Tribble Hall B-116

“Women’s Equality and the National Education Association’s Interest in a U.S. Department of Education, 1910-1930.”  Michael Pisapia, Department of Politics and International Affairs, Wake Forest University

Spring 2013

JANUARY 24 Thursday @ 4:00

“We Were Young Men with Warm Hearts: Relationships in the Continental Army.”  Jake Ruddiman, Department of History, Wake Forest University.

February 28 Thursday @ 4:00

“Making the Immobile Mobile: Land, Markets, and the Problem of Value.” This paper deals with the 19th Century Paris real estate market. Alexia Yates, History and Economics at Harvard University.

March 28 Thursday @ 4:00

“Promoting Change in U.S. Policy toward Cuba: A Case Study from a Non-profit Advocacy Group.” Frick Curry, Center for International Policy, Washington, D.C.

April 25 Thursday @ 4:00

“Scandal and the Medieval Church.” Dyan Elliott, Department of History, Northwestern University.

Fall 2012

All Seminars will be held in Carswell 118

September 13 Thursday @ 4:00
Communicating a New Consciousness: Home Birth in Modern America.” Wendy Kline, Department of History, University of Cincinnati.

Hewamanne 2012 Thursday, October 4 @ 4:00
“Manipulating Capital:  Former Global Factory Workers Negotiating New Identities in Sri Lanka’s Villages.” Sandya Hewamanne, Department of Anthropology, Wake Forest University.

November 30 Friday @ 4:00
“Bringing Sociology to the Table: A Case for A Sociological Approach to the ‘Obesity Epidemic’.” Sara Bowen, Department of Sociology and Director of Voices in Action: The Families, Food and Health Project, North Carolina State University

Spring 2012

February 16 Thursday @ 4:30

“Dancing in the Street? Reframing Arts and Culture for the ‘New’ Downtown.” Elizabeth Strom, Department of Geography, University of South Florida.

March 30 Friday @ 4:00

“The Impact of Gender, Education and Culture on the Career Motivations of Entrepreneurs: The Case of Nicaragua.” Elizabeth Gatewood, Ajay Patel, and Jeanne Simonelli, Wake Forest University.

April 12 Thursday @ 4:30

“Rustic Recreation: Seeking health in the North Woods, 1880-1945.” Lucinda McCray, Department of History, Appalachian State University.

Spring 2011

March 21

“Art and Philosophy: A Natural Affinity.” Andrew Nixon, Department of Art, University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth.

April 8

“Globalization, Higher Education, the Labor Market and Inequality.” Antonia Kupfer, Joseph A. Schumpeter Fellow, Department of Sociology, Harvard University.

April 25

“Moments of Truth: Lutherans, Translation, and the Problem of Verity on the San Carlos Apache Reservation.” David Samuels, Department of Music, New York University.

Fall 2011

September 9 Friday @ 3:30

“Chinese Consumer Culture under Communism.” Karl Gerth, University Lecturer in Modern Chinese History, Fellow and Tutor, Oxford University.

September 23 Friday @ 3:30

“American Marriage? Tracking the Broomstick Wedding from 1800-2010.” Tyler D. Parry, History Department, University of South Carolina.

October 13 Thursday @ 4:30 [Powerpoint Presentation]

“Saving the Environment in Cameroon: Problems and Prospects of Domestic and International NGOS.” William Markham, Department of Sociology, University of North Carolina @ Greensboro

December 1 Thursday @4:30

“Super Dads.” Gayle Kaufman, Department of Sociology, Davidson College.

Spring 2010

February 15

“‘I Wish My Head and Insides Would Begin to get Straight. I Don’t Recognize Myself at All:’ Female Subjectivity, Marriage and American Modernity.” Magaret Lowe, Department of History, Bridgewater State College

March 1

“Dead As Dirt: An Environmental History of the Dead Body.” Ellen Stroud, Department of English, Bryn Mawr College

March 22

“It’s Been a Long Time Coming: U.S. Data on Workers Matched to their Employing Firms.” Charles Tolbert II, Department of Sociology, Baylor University

April 5

Reason, Emotion, Pressure, Violence: Modes of Demonstration as Conceptions of Political Citizenship in 1960s West Germany.” Michael Hughes, Department of History, Wake Forest University

April 19

“Recessions: Causes and Lessons.” Robert Hetzel, Senior Economist and Research Advisor, The Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond

Fall 2009

August 31

“In the Shadow of the Great War: Monsters, Mutilation, and Modern Art.” David Lubin, Department of Art, Wake Forest University

October 1

“Health Reform: The Fiscal Challenge Beyond 2009.” Barry Clendinin, Health Economist, George Mason University

November 2

“Living Bereavements.” Eileen Gillooly, Department of English, Columbia University

November 16

Richard Pitt, Jr., Department of Sociology, Vanderbilt University

Spring 2008

March 3

“Medicine, Masculinity, and the Disappearance of Male Menopause in the 1950s.” Elizabeth Watkins, Associate Professor, Vice Chair and Director of Graduate Studies, History of Health Sciences Program, University of California @ San Francisco

April 14

“The Agenda of Ambiguity in Expressive Culture.”David Samuels, Anthropology Department, University of Massachuesetts @ Amherst

April 21

“The Trial of Socrates.” Bryan McCammon, Assistant Professor of Economics, Wake Forest University