Susan Rupp
Associate Professor
Office: Tribble B5A
Phone: 336.758.4396
Region: Europe


Susan Z. Rupp received her BA from Grinnell College, MA from Harvard University, and MA and PhD from Stanford University. She teaches Russian, East European, and Jewish history.


B.A.       Grinnell College 1983
M.A.      Harvard University 1985
M.A.      Stanford University 1988
Ph.D.    Stanford University 1992

Academic Appointments:
Wake Forest University.  Associate Professor (1999-present); Assistant Professor 1993-1999
Grinnell College.  Visiting Assistant Professor (1992-1993)

Administrative Appointments:
Wake Forest University.  Chair of Department (2003-2004); Faculty Director of the Teaching and Learning Center (2010-2012).

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  • FYS 100  World War II:  Memory and Meaning
    This seminar is not designed to provide a comprehensive, general history of the Second World War, but instead focuses on the meaning imparted to the war by those who lived through it and subsequent generations.  The course begins with a consideration of the war as experienced and recalled by contemporaries, including the distinctive experiences of soldiers in battle, those on the home front, and perpetrators and victims of the Holocaust.  In the latter weeks of the semester, we will turn to an examination of some of the ways in which the war has been understood by writers over the past sixty years.  These sources, taken together, may contribute to a more fundamental appreciation of the war’s contested meanings.
  • HST 102 Europe and the World in the Modern Era
    This course provides a survey of European history in the modern era.  Broad themes addressed in the course include the following: differing forms of government and the principles upon which they have been based; the role of ideas in influencing historical change; the impact of social structures and struggles on forms of political power; and the rights and powers of the individual and how these have been defined relative to the community and the state.
  • HST 230 Russia:  Origins to 1865
    This course surveys the political, social, and economic history of Russia, from its origins to the period of the Great Reforms under Alexander II.
  • HST 231 Russia and the Soviet Union:  1865 to the Present
    Survey of patterns of socioeconomic change from the late imperial period to the present, the emergence of the revolutionary movement, and the development of Soviet rule from its establishment to its collapse.
  • HST 232 Introduction to Russian and East European Studies. Introduction to Russian and East European Studies.  This course provides students with an interdisciplinary survey of Russian and Soviet history over the past millenium, with an examination of polity, society, economy and culture.
  • HST 310 20th-Century Eastern Europe
    Examination of the history of 20th-century Eastern Europe, including the creation of nation-states, World War II, and the nature of Communist regimes established in the postwar period. Course includes a discussion of the collapse of the Eastern Bloc and the challenges of European integration.
  • HST 313 The History of European Jewry from the Middle Ages to the Present
    Examines the Jewish historical experience in Europe from the medieval period to the Holocaust and its aftermath. Includes a consideration of social, cultural, economic and political history, and places the particular experience of Jews within the context of changes occurring in Europe from the medieval to the modern period.

Monographs and Edited Collections

  • Ed./tr. Alla Sevest'ianova, Peasant Marriage Custom According to the Birth Registries of Riazan' and Viatka. Slavica, 2010.
  • Ed./tr. V.N. Kozliakov, The Evolution of the Gentry in Russia in the 17th Century. Slavica, 2010.
  • Ed.  Everyday Life in Russian History: Quotidian Studies in Honor of Daniel Kaiser (Slavica, 2010).
  • "A House Divided: Civil War Politics in Siberia, 1918," in Politics and Society under the Bolsheviks, 1917-1945 (London: Macmillan Press, 1999).

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Articles and Essays

  • "The Struggle in the East: Opposition Politics in Siberia, 1918," in Carl Beck Papers, number 1304 (1998).
  • "Conflict and Crippled Compromise: Civil War Politics and the Ufa State Conference." The Russian Review, April 1997.

For a complete list of publications, click CV.