Tyler Pruitt
Tyler Pruitt
Instructional Technology Specialist
Office: Tribble A6A
Phone: 336.758.4850
Region: United States, East Asia
Theme: International Relations and Military History, Science, Medicine, and Technology


Instructional Technologist for the History and Philosophy Departments at WFU.

I love tea, board games, and food.

I enjoy having hot tea in the style of Taiwan. If you like hot tea and are a member of the WFU community, please reach out to me to learn more about tea in East Asia.

Technical Specialties:

PHP (mostly for Wordpress), VBA and Excel, Analog and Digital Audio.


For his after hours driving business please reference http://easternanalogdriving.com


  • EduDMS People Tools for Everyone
    Learn to edit your profile (page) and some vocabulary. Workshop starts with 5-10 minute feature overview, then individual assistance will be provided by ITGs to help fill in all your information. This course will briefly touch on SEO and your appareance on Google Search Results.
  • EduDMS People Tools for Administrators and Webmasters
    Learn how to configure EduDMS People Tools for your department. This course is appropriate for everyone from ITGs to Faculty that have special access to their website. For editing your profile, it is suggested you attend the WorkshopEduDMS People Tools for Everyone.
  • Introduction to the Edudemia DMS Suite
    Learn about the Edudemia software currently available. Give input on improvements and future offerings.