Directed Reading and Individual Study

Directed Reading, History 399, worth 1-3 hours, is available for topics not offered in regular courses only when a professor agrees to assume this extra teaching load. The department suggests that faculty who provide this tutorial service not supervise more than six hours per term. To sign for 399, students should get a form from the departmental office and have the professor sign it. Return the form to Ms. Gammons in the office. Students are expected to read 1,350 pages of historical text for each credit hour. A three-hour Directed Reading would therefore require 4,000 pages of reading.

Independent Study, History 398, is used to give credit for exceptional history projects requiring off-campus research work. Students can enroll in 398 only with prior approval of the project by the department as a whole and the supervising professor. Please do not confuse it with History 399, Directed Reading. Students can download the department guidelines for History 398 here.