The Health Policy and Administration (HPA) Minor

is designed to give students a concentration in the area of public health policy and the study of health care delivery. It is open to all majors and places an emphasis on providing students with the analytical methods and knowledge of institutional complexity necessary for an understanding of the rapidly evolving medical industry. Students interested in either public health policy or administrative roles in health care could benefit from the minor.

The course work requires 5 courses, including an internship and 1 elective for a total of 15 hours. Students who wish to complete the minor in HPA are advised to consult the suggested scheduling formats on this site. If they have any questions or would like to discuss the minor, they should contact Professor Nixon at nixonpa@wfu.edu. Please note that declared minors get priority over non-declared persons for required class registration, so don’t wait to declare!

AMWHO pic short

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