Undergraduate Program


Course work for the Health Policy and Administration Minor requires the following five courses (3 hours each), for a total of 20 credits, plus prerequisites. Required courses: Health Policy and Administration 150: Introduction to Public Health. Offered each fall and taught by a member of the faculty at the WFU School of Medicine. Health and Exercise Science 360: Epidemiology of Physical Activity. Economics 240: The Economics of Health and Medicine (Prerequisite: Economics 150, an applied statistic course) Health Policy and Administration 250:Internship in Health Policy and Administration Arranged and approved by Director in spring of students’ spring senior semester.

One HPA Elective (choose one): Anthropology 362: Medical Anthropology History 339: Health Cure in American Society Biology 396: Biomedical Ethics Humanities 390: Interdisciplinary Seminar on Aging Philosophy 161: Medical Ethics Health and Exercise 312: Exercise and Health Psychology Health and Exercise 380: Physical Activity and Aging Sociology 335: Sociology of Health and Illness Sociology 336: Sociology of Health Care Sociology 337: Aging in Modern Society Women's Studies 321: Interdisciplinary Seminar on Women's Health Issues Psychology 322: Psychopharmacology

Other electives may be added as the curriculum evolves. Check with the Director of the program for a complete list. Additionally, if students desire to take a course other than those listed, and can make a persuasive case to the Director about why the course should be included in the student's H.P.A. curriculum; the Director will be willing to consider other courses for this requirement.

Since many of the required courses involve pre-requisites, students should plan ahead to ensure they can meet all of the requirements in four years.

The following schedule suggestions may be helpful:

First Year: Lower Division requirements, including ECN 150. Sophomore Year: Applied Statistics (Various department courses, depending on major. If major department does not offer such a course, take HES 262. Consult Director if you have trouble enrolling in HES 262).

Junior Year: HPA 150 (offered only in fall semesters), HES 360.

Senior Year: ECN 240 (offered only in fall semesters), HPA 250. Health Policy and Administration 150: Introduction to Public Health. (3)Survey of the basic structure of the health care system in the United States. Includes discussion of current issues of public policy toward health, organization of health care delivery, and health system reform. Serves as the introduction to the interdisciplinary minor in Health Policy and Administration (offered only in fall semesters). Health Policy and Administration 250: Internship in Health Policy and Administration. (3) A semester experience in a health care policy or a health care administration organization. Students will work in conjunction with a mentor who is a researcher on a public health science research project or with an administrator in health care delivery. Internships are arranged by the Director each spring. The majority of internships are at the WFU School of Medicine. Students gain relevant practical experience that builds on prior coursework and provides insight into public health policy issues. Students who have prior ideas about internships that will satisfy this course should discuss them with the Director prior to enrolling in the course. P* only - permission of instructor. Open only to senior Health Policy Administration students (offered every spring semesters).