The Interdisciplinary Humanities Minor explores the ever-shifting meaning of “humanity” in artistic, literary, and intellectual expression within diverse geographical and historical contexts, providing grounding in the interdisciplinary exploration of the Humanities Courses focus on the intellectual roots of both Western and non-Western civilizations, the emergence of philosophical concepts, and the development of social values and beliefs across time and space.

Candidates for the minor are required to take HMN 200, HMN 220 and one of the following five courses HMN 290, 291, 292, 294, or 295, in addition to 9 hours of approved elective courses listed below, for a total of 18 hours. HMN 389 (1.5) and 390 (1.5), a year-long research project, can count as an elective towards the 18 hour requirement.

Students selected for participation in the Interdisciplinary Humanities Pathway to Medicine will complete the six course minor including HMN 389 (1.5) and 390 (1.5).



Course Schedules

For details on course offerings and our Interdisciplinary Minor, please click on the links in the menu above, and also consult the current semester’s course schedule. Not all courses are offered every semester, therefore plan in advance. If any questions, please write to Sally Barbour at barbour@wfu.edu.




Student Comments

  • These courses give me a perspective on a topic through the lens of several disciplines.
  • We learned to see how everything is connected.
  • Before taking this class I did not realize that Humanities was even an area of study. I enjoyed the seminar style of the class and the fact that students were allowed to lead class discussions.
  • I’ve always appreciated the humanities but this course showed me the intersection of the secular and religion in the humanities.
  • Humanities are an integral part in what it means to be a good physician. It seems that once you explore one field fully, it inevitably connects with other fields. The humanities help to draw out these connections