Welcome to the Interdisciplinary Humanities Program!

WFU Commencement

The Interdisciplinary Humanities Program includes a range of courses spanning disciplines, borders, cultures, and time periods.  Students can engage our professors in “great books” surveys, world literature in English translation,  and cross cultural studies that provoke new connective ways of learning.  Students who complete six courses (including the optional HMN 396 Individual Study 3 hour thesis) can graduate with a minor in Interdisciplinary Humanities.  Note these special curriculum features.

  • Designed by each individual student
  • Structured to insure interdisciplinary rigor
  • Includes “building block” courses to examine a range of disciplines
  • Capstone thesis mentored by a Program faculty member and two other readers
  • Thesis similar in style and substance to Master’s level study

For details on course offerings and our Interdisciplinary Minor, please click on the links above, and also consult the current semester’s course schedule.  If any questions, please write to Sally Barbour at barbour@wfu.edu.