Students in a classThe Minor Overview

In order to offer capable students a forum which encourages the pursuit of ideas across the disciplinary lines of such fields as history, philosophy, literature, politics, religion, and the arts, the minor is offered in Interdisciplinary Humanities. It requires a total of 15 hours.

Candidates for the minor are required to take HMN 280, Reason and Revelation, and HMN 290, Innovation and Inclusivity.  (Petition may be granted to substitute HMN 282-283 and HMN 295, respectively.) Once the minor is begun, the student is assigned a minor adviser who assists in planning the rest of the student’s curriculum. 

The minor can be completed with a total of five (15 credit hours) of eligible coursework and satisfactory grades.  The minor may conclude with five classroom courses followed by a three-hour project in Humanities 396, Individual Study, supervised by a member of the Interdisciplinary Humanities faculty and reviewed by a committee of relevant faculty appointed by the director of Interdisciplinary Humanities. The project must represent the further pursuit of an idea or topic studied in one of the courses of the minor, and must successfully reflect the synthesis of views from at least two traditional disciplines.