Students in a classThe Minor Overview

The minor in Interdisciplinary Humanities offers students a forum in which to pursue concepts and values across the disciplines of history, philosophy, literature, classics, religion and the arts.  Interdisciplinary Humanities courses focus on the study of humanist principles and on fostering interdisciplinary perspectives.  Studies include the intellectual roots of both Western and non-Western civilizations, the emergence of philosophies and guiding principles that shape public discourse, and the analysis and cross-cultural study of the roles of the liberal arts in interpreting beliefs, values and individual narratives.

Candidates for the minor are required to take one of the following two courses (HMN 280 or 281), and one of the following three courses (HMN 290, 291, or 292), in addition to 12 hours of approved courses, for a total of 18 hours.  When the courses are in progress or have been completed, the student is assigned a minor adviser who assists in planning the remainder of the student’s curriculum.  Students selected for participation in the Interdisciplinary Humanities Pathway to Medicine will complete the six course minor including HMN 389 (1.5) and 390 (1.5).