Every year except Congress years, The International Alliance for Women in Music (IAWM) hosts an Annual Concert, which presents the winners of an IAWM-sponsored competition. The category of compositions depends most years on the make-up of the performing ensemble and the capabilities of the venue, and other years including 2014 on a special criterion.


The 2014 criterion specified that “works should be for 2-channel electronic media, with a duration of 10 minutes or less” and “each composer [should] host a public performance of [all the winning] 2014 concert works in their local area.”

The most recent (2014) Annual Concert winners are these members of the International Alliance for Women in Music:

Andrea Clearfield, USA: “Califia and the Trespassers”
Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner, USA: “I will play the swan and die in music”
Jessica Rudman, USA: “Not One Would Care”
Line Tjørnhøj, Denmark: “daughter”
The following link will take you to Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner’s “online concert” webcast of the Winners of the 2014 IAWM Annual Concert.  The site is:
Additionally, a 44-minute filmed performance of the works staged and choreographed by the dance ensemble Group Motion is featured.
This concert webcast has been graciously hosted by the University of North Texas.
A couple of technical notes:  you will need the Quicktime plug-in (available for Mac and PC – all browsers) to see and hear most of the materials.  A link to this plug-in is included at the webcast site.  You should NOT use the CHROME BROWSER.  The newest iterations of the Chrome browser make the playing of media quite difficult in many cases; please use IE, Firefox, or Safari instead.
Thank you, Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner and Carrie Leigh Page!