Women in music throughout the world

ascend the heights                                                                                  Non-partisan Kosovan women citizens
of their post-war nation now are elected to
the highest leadership positions in the Republic
share new discoveries—                                                                  Taiwanese women recently have documented
that music listening is a body-mind healer of depression.
effect positive change                                                                                 Since the 1970s, Argentine women
have become known for their artistic performances
that focus on social transformation
lead out creatively                                                                         Australian women continue the 20th-century
tradition of prominently populating the ranks of composers/
music educators/ music critics nationally and internationally
appear in new places                                                                                 Irish folk performing groups now enjoy
a 50/50 gender split, while Canadian women
now reside at the forefront of electronic music in their country
express music spirit-to-spirit—                                                              For decades, women in India have led
out in recording and disseminating music
in the classical traditions of their country

As we ascend the heights, share new discoveries, effect positive change, lead out creatively, appear in new places, express music spirit-to-spirit, “Women in Music Connect the World.” At the Congress, selected submissions by IAWM members are interpreting the theme in one or more of its facets, listed above. The Congress makes accessible the latest products in music of women’s work from around the globe, and offer them electronically as a free gift to all.

The Congress runs here from 0500 BST (British Summer Time) on Monday, April 13, through midnight BST on Sunday, April 19.