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Time (BST)
Category Presenter Presentation Title
05:00-05:30 Performance Armstrong, Laura Global Warming
05:30-06:30 Performance Marco, Margaret Three Works by Juliana Hall for oboe, English horn, soprano voice and piano
06:30-07:00 Performance Murphy, Erin The Inclusive Repertoire: Flute and Piano Duos by Women Composers
07:00-07:30 Performance Shansky, Carol Trois Morceaux by Rosy Wertheim
07:30-08:00 Performance Tegart, Sophia Transformations
08:00-08:30 Performance Young, Sabrina Peña Urban Night: Sounds
08:30-09:00 Performance Breen, Andrea Being Seen
09:00-10:00 Lecture-Recital Curtis, Liane Rebecca Clarke’s Early Pieces for Two Violins and Piano
and Our Expanding Understanding of Her Music
10:00-11:00 Lecture-Recital Libby, Cynthia Green An Evening in Celebration of Ukranian Composer Zhanna Kolodub
11:00-12:00 Lecture-Recital Medina, Kari Cruver Sisters From Across the Sea
12:00-12:30 Score Hsu, Chiayu Blue Ridge Sketches
12:30-13:00 Score Kambarova, Gyuli Soul of Love
13:00-13:30 Score Kendrick, Eva Juntos
13:30-14:00 Score Reyes, Maureen Dance With Me in the Dark
14:00-14:30 Score Reyes, Maureen South Winds
14:30-15:00 Score Wang, An-Ming Concerto for Piano and Orchestra
15:00-15:30 Score Yoo, Young-Woo Honbul (Re-creation From Above)
15:30-16:30 Paper Cable, Jennifer A Force to be Reckoned With: Musical Community in early 20th-Century America
16:30-17:30 Paper Dongu, Giovanna On the Footsteps of Sound: First Sound Experience
17:30-18:00 Paper Doyle, Kate Sounding Space: Meredith Monk’s *ATLAS*
18:00-18:30 Paper Leonard, Kendra The Autobiographics of Louise Talma’s “Have You Heard? Do You Know?”
18:30-19:00 Paper Rudman, Jessica Disruption and Development in the Music of Ellen Taaffe Zwilich
19:00-19:30 Paper Young, Sabrina Peña The Opera Heard Round the World: Internet Collaboration and the
21st-Century Composer
19:30-20:00 Score Cashour, Tamara Queen’s Suite
20:00-20:30 Score Christou, Tasoulla City Scenes
20:30-21:00 Score Christou, Tasoulla Silver Moon, Silver Lake
21:00-21:30 Score Dongu, Giovanna Evocazione su Dowland
21:30-22:00 Score Figueroa Mañas,
Adriana Isabel
Mother’s Loneliness
22:00-22:30 Score Herman, Marilyn Swing Abeba
22:30-23:00 Score Herman, Marilyn Raglan Road
23:00-23:30 Score Choi, Kyong Mee To Unformed