The International Alliance for Women in Music is the musical and organizational host.  Its Board and other IAWM volunteers are providing humanpower and just under half of the funding.

Wake Forest University, under a generous Wake Forest International Conference Sponsorship Grant, and a Performances Award by the Department of Music, is the technical host.  Music faculty member Susan Borwick, technical staff member Ryan McCollum, and former technical staff member Jolie Tingen are providing the humanpower, and the institution just over half of the funding.




Susan Borwick
“Organizational and Grant-Writing Big Cheese” for the Congress
IAWM President and Professor of Music
Wake Forest University





Ryan McCollum
“Technological Big Cheese” for the Congress
Instructional Technologist for Music, Theatre, and Dance
Wake Forest University



. . . with leadership and encouragement from many, many people: the IAWM Board, WFU Vice Provost Kline Harrison for International Conference funding, WFU Department of Music Chair Stewart Carter and the entire department, Assistant to the Chair Carol Brehm for grants processing, the WFU Information Systems staff and Rick Matthews of College academic computing, staff members of WFU Financial and Accounting Services.