IAWM 20th Anniversary Congress 2015

13-19 April 2015


The International Alliance for Women in Music is holding its 20th-anniversary Congress 2015, online and freely accessible to all.  Congress events are available beginning Monday, April 13th, at 0500 British Summer Time (BST; in April BST is Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) plus one hour; there is no GMT in summer. Select “London” and your city to compare time zones here: time zone converter).

The IAWM and Wake Forest University are offering this online 20th-anniversary celebration of the Alliance to you and everyone connected around the world as an offering of music by women in music.  In return, we ask that you enjoy the occasion throughout the week and actively support women’s music.

Here’s how:

First, please REGISTER so we may compile statistics on the Congress for future use by the IAWM.  Although registration is not essential to access to the Congress, it is gently yet firmly requested.  Thank you.

You have ACCESS to all Congress events in two ways: (1) as part of a live feed accessed via the “CONGRESS LIVE FEED” button and (2) in an archive organized by presenter’s last name, accessed via the “ARCHIVE” button.  The “PROGRAM NOTES” button accesses notes and sometimes a website related to each event.  The “DAILY CONGRESS SCHEDULES” button specifies approximately when each event occurs daily, and also when “down” times for scheduled maintenance are anticipated.


Featured are four categories of presentations: lecture-recitals, papers, performances relevant to women in music, and original compositions (scores).  Events are streamed by category.  Each of the four categories is presented at least once each day, at times that vary from day to day (“DAILY CONGRESS SCHEDULES” button), through Sunday, April 19th, at midnight BST.

No live presentation is part of the Congress in 2015, simply because no proposal was made for one.


To access an event apart from the live feed, select the “ARCHIVE” button, find the presenter’s last name, and select it.  You will then view that event onscreen.

As we ascend the heights, share new discoveries, effect positive change, lead out, make appearances in new places, express music spirit-to-spirit, “Women in Music Connect the World.” As the title suggests, the Congress makes accessible the latest products in music of women’s work from around the globe, and offers them electronically as a free gift to all.

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