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The 34th annual Search for New Music by Women Composers is open for submissions. To submit, you must be a current IAWM member and your materials must be anonymous.

Read or download the full guidelines on the IAWM website:
Submit on the EasyChair website:

Prizes are offered in eight categories:

Ruth Anderson Commission Prize ($1,000) Commission for a new sound installation with electro-acoustic music
To apply, submit a detailed proposal of the sound installation. The project must be completed within 12 months of notification of the award. The winner will receive the award money after submitting a report to IAWM following the public showing of the completed installation. Location of the installation may be, but is not restricted to, an IAWM annual concert or congress.

Theodore Front Prize ($300)
(minimum age – twenty-two)  Large chamber and orchestral works
Sponsored by Theodore Front Musical Literature, Inc.

Miriam Gideon Prize ($500)
(minimum age – fifty)  Works for solo voice and one to five instruments

Sylvia Glickman Memorial Prize ($500)
(minimum age – forty)  Works for piano trio or quartet, or any combination of 4 instruments drawing from woodwinds, strings, and piano. The work must be unpublished with no professional performance.
Given by Harvey Glickman in memory of his wife and supported by the Hildegard Institute.

Libby Larsen Prize ($200) (must be currently enrolled in school) Works for any medium

Pauline Oliveros New Genre Prize ($300)
Works for electro-acoustic media or  incorporating innovative form or style, such as improvisation, multimedia, use of non-traditional notation. If no score is used, a description of the work and its structure must accompany the audio or video submission.

PatsyLu Prize ($500)
(for Black women and/or lesbians)  Classical art music in any form or instrumentation

Judith Lang Zaimont Prize ($400)
(minimum age – thirty)  Extended instrumental compositions—large solo or chamber works—by a composer whose music has not yet been commercially recorded or published

Send questions to the contest coordinator, Pamela Marshall, at