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Blog, Wiki, or Discussion?

Most faculty have a fairly good idea of the differences between a Blog, Wiki and Discussion Forum, but which one will help you and your students collaborate and communicate effectively? The chart below can be used as a guide to point you towards one tool over the others. I have…

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When students aren’t discussing it may be time for a Blog

The dreaded, threaded discussion! One original post and two replies is a routine way of facilitating a discussion activity for students outside of the classroom. But so often a well intended activity turns into repetitive “I agree” and “good point” posts, rewording the original poster’s argument or summary. There are…

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Project Examples

Project Examples These are just a few examples of the recent projects undertaken by the ITG in their respective departments. For more information on a specific project, please contact the ITG member identified in the heading. Title: Using Web 2.0 tools for the Religion and Public Engagement Initiative Project Date:…

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