Jeff Muday

Jeff Muday
IT Analyst
Biology Department
Phone: 336.758.6171
Office: 27A Winston Hall
Specialty: scientific and general programming; ruggedized field computing; real-time data acquisition and biopotential interfacing/amplification; Linux administration;  Sakai Collaborative Learning Environment


  • undergraduate: Computer Science, Wake Forest; concentration on programming/algorithms
  • graduate studies: Computer Science, Wake Forest;
    research focus (at Medical Campus, Dept of Surgical Science): 3-D representations of blood pressure data (advisor CM Ferrario, MD)
    coursework concentration: scientific/logic programming, and UNIX


  • Systems Administration Certificate, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
  • Novell CLA and DCTS, Certified Linux Administrator and Data Center Technical Specialist
  • Linux Professional Institute Certified Systems Administrator, LPIC-1
  • Linux Certified Professional and Linux Certified Instructor, Sair GNU Linux
  • CompTIA – Network+, A+, Linux+
  • Microsoft Certified Professonal
  • ISCET Certified Electronics Technician

Selected Publications:

  • Saunders, Li, Patel, Muday, and Silver, “The response of Trpv1 knockout mice to multiple trigeminal irritants in three behavioral assays for sensory irritation”; F1000 Research 2013.
  • Moon, Muday, and Schirillo, “Fractal Paintings Produce Fractal Pupil Dialations”; North Carolina Cognition Conference, NCCC 2013. (presentation)
  • Hayes, Muday, and Schirillo, “Portrait Hemispheric Laterality using Pupil Diameter and Aesthetic Judgments”; Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts (in press).
  • Hayes, Muday, and Schirillo, “Saccade Cues, Pupil Diameter, and Aesthetic Verbal Judgements Measure Portrait Hemispheric Laterality”; North Carolina Cognition Conference, NCCC 2012. (presentation)
  • Bowen, Ramachandran, Muday, and Schirillo, “Visual Signals Bias Targets in Azimuth and Depth,” Experimental Brain Research, Vol 214:3 p.403-414, 2011 [pubmed abstract]
  • Agganis, Muday, and Schirillo, “Visual Biasing of Auditory Localization in Azimuth and Depth”, Perceptual and Motor Skills Journal, 2010, 111, 3, 872-892. [pubmed abstract]
  • Johnson, Muday, and Schirillo, “When Viewing Variations in Paintings by Mondrian Aesthetic Preferences Correlate with Pupil Size,” Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts, August 2010, Vol 4, Issue 3, 161-167.
  • Heckman, Muday, and Schirillo, “Chromatic Shadow-Compatibility and Cone-Excitation Ratios”, Vol. 22, No. 3/March 2005/J. Opt. Soc. Am. A. [pubmed abstract]

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