Make your Sakai course available



Don’t forget that you have¬†specify which course sections you want to use in Sakai each semester. By default, Sakai course sections are not “turned on”.

A text-based walkthrough is available as well as a video walkthrough. In short:

  • Log into Sakai
  • In My WorkSpace click Worksite Setup > New.
    Course sites are for official academic courses. You will see courses for which you are the instructor of record with the Registrar’s office. This is the choice you usually want.
    Project sites are for anything else.
  • Follow the prompts from there to complete the course setup. When you get to the end you will be given the choice to publish or leave in draft.
    You must Publish the course before students can access it. Only people with the Instructor role (or Maintain if you are creating a Project site) can access a Draft course. 

You can also check out the Help link for more information on other common questions and problems.

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