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Help Resources

Instructional Technology Group Members – The Instructional Technology Group provides academics departments discipline-focused expertise in technology tools, procedures and resources to support the teaching and research.

Service Desk - The Service Desk (The Bridge) is Information Services source of direct help on campus.  They are physically located in the rear of the ZSR library.  The Bridge can be contacted in several ways:

        1. By phone – 758-4357
        2. By Email – help@wfu.edu
        3. By Web – http://remedy.wfu.edu
        4. You can also find web based help at the Bridge’s website

Professional Development Center (PDC) – The PDC offers expanded training classes for campus users.  The PDC offers both professional and personal level classes.

 ThinkPad Training Team: Scott Claybrook, Richard KingJo Lowe, Tommy Murphy, Jeff Nichols, Tyler Pruitt, and Information Systems Learning (Tracy Howell, Sarah Wojcik-Gross )

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