A Maker’s Approach to Lab Experiments

Arduino setup for studying the Seebeck Effect

Purpose of Lab Change The purpose of making this change to the Thermoelectric lab was to add a little bit of programming, electronics design, and micorcomupting experience to a traditionally manual lab.  In adding this change, student engagement also improved. The Old Approach The traditional approach to this lab involved …

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Faculty-Centered Conferences on Technology

Conferences, Un-Conferences and Consortiums Instructional Technology staff have found their attendance at the following faculty-centered conferences to be extremely valuable. Faculty who wish to expand their knowledge and skills in the area of instructional technology will also find these conferences valuable as they begin their journey into new instructional possibilities. …

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Office 365

Office 365 is available for faculty, staff, and students Our Wake Forest email and password is now linked to a Microsoft Office 365 account. What does this mean for you? Online: Office 365 Portal and Apps You can use Microsoft Office applications online, from any computer. Go to portal.office.com and login with your …

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