I have a project where the customer needs a booklet format. Because respondents to the form had been submitting more than 250-word abstracts for one of the fields, it had been difficult to create a report that would format well for the size they needed (that abstract field overflows onto other pages, etc.). This year, we placed a word counter in the form – it doesn’t limit the words, but gives them an opportunity to count them and we warn on the form them that 250 is the limit. So we have much better entries this year – a few that still went over the 250-word limit, but not by so many that it messes up the formatting. I created a report in ColdFusion Report Builder that simply produces a PDF of the booklet they need, so it only requires them to visit a web page and it spits out the booklet for them. However, they needed the booklet in Word format. I wasn’t sure whether CF Report Builder had that option or not, but fortunately, it has the option to output to RTF format, which is great for Word. This made everyone’s work much much easier this year!

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