The new OS version on my QNAP NAS TS-619 Pro’s includes BitTorent Sync ( as a built-in application. You simply need to follow these steps:

  • enable it in the admin interface
  • create a share for your faculty
  • copy the secret from the share
  • install BT Sync client on their machine
  • paste in the secret
  • select the folder you want to keep synced

Wallah! The first sync takes a while, depending on the size of the folder selected (of course), but after that, it’s just syncing changes, so extremely fast. Where BT Sync excels is with large files. The BitTorrent protocol breaks files into pieces to travel faster across the network, then puts them together on the other end.

So, the setup both on the server side and on the client side is incredibly simple. However, the testing I did (with only 2 clients syncing to my QNAP server) showed as much as a 30% increase in CPU utilization. This makes it a no go for scaling out to my 25 or so users. That would certainly choke the server.

Now I’m testing the more backup-oriented QNAP Netbak Replicator software that’s available for free from QNAP.

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