My Thoughts on WordCamp US 2015

Well, it’s the day after WordCamp US 2015, and I’m heading home. Like every WordCamp I’ve been to (even the ones still figuring out how to iron out the details), this one was a lot of fun, and I learned a lot. This was the first national WordCamp that was not located in San Francisco, […]

Some WordPress Development Tools

I’ve been working on a new theme, WF College Two, with a focus on making it responsive. This has definitely been a challenge, though I’ve uncovered some new development tools (new to me anyway) that I think will help others get their development projects going. Basic Tools (Most of this stuff is going to be […]

WordCamp Raleigh Overview

WordCamp Raleigh (Nov. 8th & 9th 2014) was a great success again this year. If you haven’t been to WordCamp Raleigh yet, you really should consider it next year. There are tons of smart, motivated WordPress experts giving presentations and attending the sessions. I’ve always enjoyed the presentations, and have always found other attendees that […]

Explaining Action and Filter Hooks with Laverne and Shirley

Welcome to my analogy Once upon a time, there was a sitcom on TV called “Laverne and Shirley”. During the intro to the show, we see the two women at work in a bottling plant. As Laverne watches the bottles go past, she removes one of her white gloves, puffs it out and puts it […]

Highlights from WordCamp Raleigh 2013

WordCamp Raleigh 2013 was a great conference again! I offer a quick overview of my favorite presentations from this year.

Theme Customizer to the Rescue

Theme authors/tweakers: Your prayers have been answered. There is now a really easy way to customize your theme, with not a lot of coding, by simply adding your customizations to the new Theme Customizer section in WordPress. This is a feature introduced in WordPress 3.4, so if you haven’t upgraded yet, besides the risk of […]

W3 Total Cache and WPTouch: Cooperating at last!

Most people who’ve worked with WordPress for very long know, it’s important to implement some sort of caching plugin to make their site as fast as possible. Most would also agree that it is increasingly important to make your site available to mobile users. (Hey, it’s all about making the information digestible by anyone, right?) […]

Two nice text editors

Let’s just start this off with a bang: If you’re doing more than occasional PHP editing in the WordPress editor, you’re doing it wrong. Seriously. There are lots of reasons not to use the WordPress interface to do anything more than the occasional “Oops! I missed a semicolon!” edit. I’ve recently started using a new […]

Command-Line WordPress – WordCamp Philly 2012

This presentation, by Ben Doherty, was a bit of a surprise. The title given in the schedule referred to ‘wp-cli’ and I really didn’t know what that was, but stayed in the “Developer Track” room anyway. This is basically an implementation of WordPress entirely on the command line, which allows doing a lot of cool […]

Legend of the Headless Browser – WordCamp Philly 2012

So this session had to start out with a little humor and some clever storytelling, because it was pretty complex. The presenter of this session, Aaron Jorbin, is a really smart, experienced developer, who has built a strong name for himself in the WordPress community, contributing to the core development and sharing his knowledge with […]