My work @ WFU

My title at Wake Forest University is Instructional Technology Consultant. I’ve worked at WFU since February 2000. Well into the second decade of working at WFU, I have seen some great developments in the technology we use and how we use it. (I’m specifically excited about the improvements made to our online presence in that time.)

My essential function is to support the technology tools and projects underway in my assigned academic departments, and search out new tools and techniques to improve the teaching and learning mission. On a day to day basis, this does mean troubleshooting projectors in classrooms, helping people get viruses off their computers, helping faculty with weird formatting quirk in Word and similar tasks, but it also means exploring new ways to easily record video of student teaching for student reflecxtion, figuring out new ways to make our website more powerful and easy-to-use and a number of other special projects that come along.

Although I literally work for the Dean of the College, I work most directly with the faculty and staff of the Department of Education, the Department of Counseling and the American Ethnic Studies program. There is some cool stuff going on in each of these areas, so check out the links and check out what’s going on in each of these areas.

One of my specialties over the years has become web sites, focusing on accessibility, standards-compliance, and recently, a great focus on WordPress. (If you’re starting to explore WordPress and want to get more involved, check out, which probably already has a WordPress meetup in your area. In this area, the Winston Salem WordPress meetup is getting started, as well as one coming soon in High Point, and there’s also one in Greensboro that has seen some recent progress.)

Please enjoy the site, and if you have any questions about anything on this site, drop me a line.