The sites I’ve built

One of my roles at Wake Forest University has become “College WordPress Guy”. As such, I’ve designed a theme, WF College One Pro (no, it’s not in the repository) and launched several sites for my departments and Wake Forest College. (There are several other sites around campus that also use variations of my theme, but these are the ones on which I work directly.)

The Department of Counseling


Counnseling site Thumbnail. Links to Counseling site.The Department of Counseling is located in Tribble Hall (just off the lobby, look for the glass door), and offers both undergraduate and graduate courses, and is even the home of Wake Forest University’s newest online degree program, a Master’s degree in Counseling. They also have a great semester abroad program in Vienna, Austria, where counseling students see where many of the theories and techniques in counseling and psychotherapy originated. Click on the thumbnail image to the left to visit the site and explore what they have to offer.

The Department of Education

Education site Thumbnail. Links to Education SiteThe Department of Education is also located in Tribble Hall (the main office is on the second floor of the B wing, room B201) and offers both undergraduate and graduate programs in teacher education.

The American Ethnic Studies program

American Ethnic Studies site thumbnail. Links to teh American Ethnic Studies site.The American Ethnic Studies program is a multi-disciplinary program that spans faculty from many different departments and programs. In many ways, AES defies description, so the best idea of what it is and what you can gain from its classes can be had by visiting the site itself. (The thumbnail to the left links to the full site.)


Assessment of Student Learning

Assessment of Student Learning site thumbnail. Links to Assessment of Student Learning site.More and more colleges and universities are aiming to better gauge their academic programs by defining specific goals and desired outcomes for their students. This site is a collection of reports from each of the academic units of Wake Forest College of Arts and Sciences, as well as many resources that describe the reasons for such an endeavor, and steps to accomplish a successful assessment of student learning.

WordPress Training

WordPress Training site thumbnail. Links to WordPress Training site.This site was mainly created to go along with a couple of WordPress training classes I conducted here at WFU for faculty and staff beginning to use WordPress, specifically concentrating on those using my theme, but designed to be general enough when possible so that users of any theme could benefit. The site is divided into beginner and intermediate sections, with more content to come.