New version of Sakai for Fall 2011

We have upgraded to Sakai 2.7.1! With this upgrade comes many new enhancements and features. We also have two new tools – the Assignments 2 and Gradebook 2 tools. Because these tools are significantly different than the previous versions, they are only visible to you once you receive training and request access. Turnitin integration with […]

Tell us what you think of Sakai

Do you have suggestions for improving Sakai? If you do, consider attending one of our focus group sessions this spring. Each sessions will focus on specific tools or uses of the software. Your feedback will be useful in improving support and training and we can feedback on tool improvements or interface design back to the […]

Upcoming workshops

We are in the process of scheduling workshops for the Spring 2011 semester. Upcoming workshops will include Customizing your Sakai Site, Getting Started, Tests & Quizzes, Assignments and Gradebook, and Forums, Wikis, and Blogs. Most classes will be scheduled prior to spring break in mid-March. More workshops will be scheduled at the end of the […]

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