Debunking myths about open source

Posted on: April 30, 2010

A few months ago, Blackboard authored a document titled “Top Five Risks to Consider When Evaluating Open Source”. This document was in response to a favorable evaluation of Moodle in comparison with Blackboard in the North Carolina Community College System.

Michael Feldstein wrote a response to this document on his blog debunking many of the arguments Blackboard made against open source. Claims that open source is more of a security risk, requires more staffing and training for end users, and has an uncertain product road map were all reasons given by the company to avoid open source over a commercial product. Michael addresses each of these claims and points to specific examples to support his argument that these claims are “factually and logically questionable.”

If you have questions about how open source compares to a commercial product, read Michael’s post. It’s possibly the most thorough response to common misconceptions about open source on the web.

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