What’s New in Sakai 2.7.1?


** Please note that Turnitin integration has been delayed until Spring 2012. **

Permission options for all tools now has an easier to read format.



E-mail notifications for new announcement shows a group name if a specific group is selected.


Announcement previews also show the group name if a group is selected.



Instructors now have an enhanced “download all” option similar to the options listed in “upload all”.


Instructors can also send an e-mail notification to students when grades are released.



Site owners may select “Set as Default View” after selecting a specific “View” for the calendar.


Drop Box:

Site owners can now choose to allow site participants to send e-mail notifications when they add files to their Drop Box folder.



Basic Forum hierarchy display is slightly different and a default forum with the site name is automatically created.


When reading a message in a topic thread, there are new options including Email and Copy Link (for linking to a message directly).


Site participants can now choose to “Watch” Forums which provides e-mail notifications when new posts are added.


There is now a “Word Count” feature when composing messages in the Forums tool.



Now all sent messages will be saved for your records. You now have the ability to create folders and organize messages that are sent from your site. Messages are by default stored internally in the site.


There is also an option to email the message to site participants as well.


Site Info:

Site owners can now print a site participants list in PDF format.


Groups, with their members, are now visible in the Site Info area to site owners.


Tests & Quizzes:

The “Quick Create” button has been removed and replaced with the option to “Create using markup text”.
The default Create, leads to the standard “Create using assessment builder”. Options to Edit, Preview, Change Settings, Remove, etc. are now in a drop down Actions box.


Site owners now have the option to send a notification about a test to site participants when publishing a test. This message will contain test availability and due dates and let the participants know additional test details.


Bug in Manually Grading Short Answer/Essay questions is now fixed.

Page created by: Jeff Muday