New version of Sakai for Fall 2011

Posted on: August 21, 2011

We have upgraded to Sakai 2.7.1! With this upgrade comes many new enhancements and features. We also have two new tools – the Assignments 2 and Gradebook 2 tools. Because these tools are significantly different than the previous versions, they are only visible to you once you receive training and request access.

Turnitin integration with Sakai has been delayed until 2012. While this integration was originally part of our upgrade to 2.7.1, we had significant technical issues that threatened our upgrade timeline. Information Systems and the Sakai Team will continue to work on the Turnitin integration this fall and expect to be able provide that functionality in Sakai in Spring 2012.

Please see the Help page for details and print screens of the many improvements in our new version of Sakai.

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