What’s New in Sakai 2.8

What’s New in Sakai 2.8

General Updates

Text Editor Updates (see screenshot)
Spellcheck As You Type.
Blockquote option.
Create Div container option.
Text direction from left to right.
Text direction for right to left.
WIRIS equation editor “cas” button to allow for pasting of LaTeX code directly into editor.
Page Break for Printing option.
Maximize editor window option.
Show Blocks option.

Manage Site Access (see screenshot)
Improved instructions on making selections.
Consistent interface options with radio buttons.
Site Info

Role descriptions provided for access and maintain.
Can select check box for “Remove all” to remove site participants. (see screenshot)
Can add participants with the status of Inactive. (see screenshot)


New Tools

Gradebook 2 (a more featured tool offered in addition to Gradebook – see screenshot)

Spreadsheet-like view.
Option to change views by column selection.
Option to drop lowest score within a category.
Option to give extra credit.


Tool Updates

Announcements (see screenshot)
View Email Notification Revision History for announcements.
Assignment2 (previously Assignments)
Option to create a new Gradebook item when adding an assignment.
Assignment submission type of “Inline” renamed to “Text”.
Drop Box (see screenshot)

Drop Box folder name has an Info icon for descriptions.

Drafts folder for messages. (see screenshot)
Preview option for messages when composing. (see screenshot)

Option to allow public voting on individual polls. (see screenshot)

Option in the toolbar to see site quota (1 GB) and usage. (see screenshot)
Folders with descriptions now have an Info icon to show description.
Tests & Quizzes

New question type – Survey.
Added ability to allow instructors to select a feedback option that would show students their overall score only.
Option to release student score without additional feedback.
4000 character limit lifted on questions, short answers and feedback (limit now 60000).
Added ability to allow instructors to enter a zero score in the gradebook for unsubmitted assessments.
Added ability to choose “average” score along with last score or highest score for “recorded score if multiple submissions.”
The rich text CK editor is now available for short/long answer questions.

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