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Creating A Searchable PDF

At Wake Forest University our networked, multi-function printer/copier/scanners are capable of scanning and emailing PDF files directly from the device. By default the scanner captures an image of each page it scans. It then assembles all the scanned images into a single PDF file and emails it to whatever address(es) the user provides.

For most of us, that works fine. The image of the text is good enough to read when we open the file. It is quick and dirty and we move on to our next task. However, image of text is not always good enough. There are situations where you want or need the text to be text and not just an image of the text. You want the text to be searchable. Continue reading

Google Drive Plug-in for Microsoft Office

Over the summer google released a plugin for Microsoft Office (Windows only, 2007-2016 versions) that allows you to open and save native format office files directly to your google drive space. I’ve just gotten around to installing it. So far it seems to work as advertised. If you use both Google Drive/Docs and Microsoft Office in a mixed environment like we do at WFU, then this plug-in is worth exploring. Continue reading