Embedding YouTube Videos in Powerpoint 2010

It shouldn’t be this difficult

You would think that embedding a YouTube video in a Microsoft PowerPoint would be easy.

Inserting a Video into a PowerPoint

The newer versions of PowerPoint (I’m using 2010 for reference) give you big Video button on the Insert tab.Just click that, put the URL for the YouTube video in, and you are good to go. Right?

Not exactly. When you click Insert Video From a Website, it says you have to copy and paste the embed code. Ok,  back to YouTube. 

Where’s the embed code. Didn’t they used to have it right there under the video? Oh, ok, under the Share link is Embed. Hey, there’s an embed code. It’s even already selected for me, so I hit Ctrl-C to copy. Back to my PowerPoint and paste the embed code in the box. Hit the [ Insert ] button. I’m cooking with gas now.

PowerPoint Error Msg

Update 3/21/13 Powerpoint 2013 includes a specific embed for YouTube videos which accepts the default link that YouTube provides when you click share.

Hmm, that’s weird. Maybe all of it wasn’t selected when I copied the embed code. Back to YouTube, make sure I’ve got it all when I copy. Repeat the same process.

Same result. OK, let’s check the Help, just in case. I see Link to a video file on a website under the What do you want to do? section. That sounds promising, so I click it. Hey, now I see Link to a video on YouTube from PowerPoint 2010. That sounds even better, so I click it.

Now I see the problem. I need to check the box for Use old embed code. Checking that gives me different code to copy for the Insert video box in powerpoint. Problem solved. Back to powerpoint and paste.

YES! I now have the video object on the powerpoint slide. I set my video presentation options like I want and save everything. Start my slide show and. . .

Nothing happens. I’ve just got a black box. It should have auto started playing the video when the slide loaded. Next I try changing the playback setting to manual start and try the Slide Show again. Same thing – I just get the black box and no video. I go back into PowerPoint’s Video Tools, select the embedded video object, and click Play in order to preview it.

Install Flash Player message

 Wait a minute, I’ve got the newest Flash player. I know I do (it seems like the thing updates every week). Just to be sure, I click the [ Web Help ] button, which takes me to Adobe’s flash player page. It confirms that I’ve got the latest version installed.

Since the message title indicates it is a Windows Media Player message, I verify that my WMP is up to date, which it is. So, I’ve followed Microsoft’s instructions, everything is the current, up to date versions, and I can’t embed my YouTube video.

I’m now officially stumped. To be continued in part 2.

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