Surface Pro Limited Wireless Connection

I’ve run into a problem with the Surface Pro. It randomly drops the wireless connection to and indicates that it is a “Limited” connection. I can’t see a rhyme or reason for it. When it happens, other devices are connected and remain connected to the same network.

Fortunately disconnecting from the wireless network and reconnecting to it restores the ability to browse. It is just annoying to have to do it three or four times while watching an episode on Netflix.

There is a thread on the MS Community which offers lots of suggestions. I’m going to start trying some of them (starting small) and see if anything improves. 

First thing to check is the power management settings and the wireless card properties. Then I’ll try deleting and re-installing the driver. I will have to wait until evenings to test as I don’t have the issue as often on our access points at work, which are just 802.11g (as best as I can tell). 

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