WFU 2014 Summer ThinkPad Distribution Information

It’s time for eligible faculty and academic staff (new or returning) to sign up for ThinkPad exchange, distribution, and training.

New Faculty

We offer two opportunities this summer for new WFU faculty members to come to a technology orientation. You will get a change to meet many of the Instructional Technologists and learn about the technology opportunities available to you and your students.

Please click the link below to sign up for one of the sessions. Once you sign up for the session, your laptop will be prepared and sent to The Bridge in the Z Smith Reynolds Library. It will be available for pickup by you on the morning of the session. You will need your WFU ID at pick-up.

2014 New Faculty Technology Orientation sessions

If you are unable to attend one of those sessions, need to get your ThinkPad at another time, or generally have technology related questions, please contact your department’s Instructional Technologist to arrange something called an “exception request”.

Returning Faculty and Academic Staff

Eligible, returning faculty and staff have already been asked to select which model ThinkPad they want. It’s now time to sign up for exchange and training.

Here is the link to the PDC that you need to sign up for a date.

Please note you are signing up for the drop-off date – the day and time you will return your old ThinkPad to the Bridge.

  1. Make sure you have a current backup of all your data before returning the ThinkPad.
    Pro tip: In addition to backing up all of your “normal” data (word, excel, pdf, etc.) be sure you back up browser-specific data (bookmarks, saved passwords, etc) for the browser of your choice. Firefox and Chrome have built in sync ability if you sign up for it. Or you can use services like LastPass and Xmarks that I’ve talked about before.
  2. If you want data transferred, make sure you have followed the instructions for designating which data you want transferred. Re-read the email from Rick Mathews for the specifics.
    Pro tip: If you have a current backup, consider not transferring anything to the new computer. Once you get the new computer, just copy over stuff as you actually need it. It will keep you from cluttering up a smaller hard drive that much faster.
  3. Return everything you were given when you originally got the ThinkPad – laptop, power supply, and network cable
  4. Pick up your new ThinkPad the next day at the specified time at UCC.

If you have questions or concerns, please talk with your department’s Instructional Technologist.

Administrative (non-academic staff)

You have a different signup link that is here. If you have any questions, please contact your assigned technical support person.

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