Getting data out of Google

Have you ever wanted to archive/backup your gmail? Or do you want to leave or close your google account and make sure you don’t lose your stuff? With Google Takeout, you can now download some or all of your Google data for archival purposes.

1. Once you go to Google Takeout and log in to your account, you will see the screen below. Click the blue [Create an archive] button.

screencap of

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2. On the next screen, you are asked to use checkboxes to select what data you want to download. The edit links allow you to see additional options to refine the data you download.

selecting data to download

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3. Once you’ve finished make your selections and adjustments, click the red [Create Archive] button.

4. The process of zipping the selected data starts behind the scenes. You’re told on the next screen that it may take a while to complete, depending on how much data you are trying to archive. You can close it out and do other things at this point.

5. When google has finished zipping the files, you will get a message in your gmail from Google Takeout with the subject: Your Google data archive is ready. When you open that email, it will tell you how long you have to actually download the archive and provide a link to get to the download. To get there, click the red [See your available archives] button.

email from Google notifying you that your archive is available

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6. Click on the blue [Download] button to download the zip file of your data to your computer. At this point, you have a copy of the google data stored on your computer. Depending on exactly what data you selected, you may have a number of different files in different formats in the zip archives.

download your archived data as a zip file

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7. From here, what you do with the data is up to you. You could put a copy on an external hard drive for safe keeping. You might archive the zip file in another online service like SpiderOak. You could extract the data and use it in other programs or tools. There are lots of options at this point.

Note: You have just downloaded and archived a copy of your data that is in Google. You have not deleted anything.

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