Syncing Multiple Computers with Google Drive

I’ve got multiple computers that I use with Google Drive. Google provides the sync client so that whatever I put in the Google Drive folder on my hard drive is synced with the cloud. It’s great, except for one thing. . . .

I don’t necessarily want all the data on Computer1 to be synced to Computer2. Computer1 is a desktop with terabytes of storage. Computer2 is a laptop with a 256GB solid state hard drive. The multimedia files that I have on Computer1, which I want to put up in my unlimited Google storage, can’t fit on Computer2’s drive. I’ve got too much. But if I put the Google Drive client on both machines and try to put the video library up to google on Computer1, then the sync client would try copy it down to Comptuer2 by default.

There is a way to get around that problem. It is by telling the client to only sync specific folders.

The complete instructions are detailed in a google doc at the link below.

Dropbox is not a backup service

At Least By Default . . .


The Story

One of my faculty members came to me recently because s/he was getting “low free space” warnings on the hard drive of their ThinkPad. S/he couldn’t understand how their hard drive was so full. “I keep most of my stuff on my Mac at home. I just use this for email.” Continue reading