Migrating data to a new computer

Here at Wake Forest it is almost time for us to get our new computers. That means we need to migrate our data from old machines to new machines. 

The increased utilization of cloud-based services to store and/or sync data makes this much easier that it has ever been. However, it is still something you should think about and plan for.

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Surface Pro Wireless Update

See the previous post for the problem.

4-5-13 Update

I tried changing my power options as a first step. It was set on Maximum Saving for battery and Medium for AC adapter. I changed it to Maximum Performance on bothto prevent the system from trying to reduce power to the wireless in hopes that was the problem. So far, so good. Continue reading

Don’t Keep All Your Eggs In One Basket

I found the following article on How-To-Geek today during my daily perusal of various feeds. It is a good reminder that locking ourselves into a single service, technology, app or whatever is just asking for trouble. Life in the technology world is one of constant change. Ignore that at your peril. Continue reading