Secure Drive Formatting in Windows 8

The Windows 8 formatting command will now securely wipe a disk by writing random numbers to the disk using the /P:# switch (# indicating the number of passes). Read the TechRepublic story  here:

ThinkPad Distribution and Training 2014

The ThinkPad Distribution and Training 2014 is now underway.  This year the new ThinkPad models are the Lenovo X1 Carbon and the Lenovo Yoga convertible with the Windows 8 operating system and Office 2013. You may schedule an exchange date through the Professional Development Center (PDC) Web site using one of the links below to […]

Excel Psuedo Graphing

“Thanks to conditional formats, graphs can be embedded at the cell level. Well, they’re not true graphs, but the visual impact is the same. You’re simply sharing visual clues that make it easier to interpret your raw data. In this article, we’ll use Excel’s conditional formats, data bars, and color scale to simulate graphs that […]

Stronger Passwords

Need a stronger password for your online (and offline) accounts?  Then Password Gen for Windows 8 may just be just the app that you need.  With Password Gen, you select the password length, character types and the number of password to generate.  You can have instantly strong (if you use special characters and digits) passwords. […]

Using Excel for Project Management

Can’t afford Microsoft Project to assist with your project management.  Try usin Miscrosoft Excel:  

Workaround for Internet Explorer Zero Day Bug

Microsoft is suggesting users activate Internet Explorer’s “Enhanced Protection Mode” to fight against the newly discovered security flaw. Read More at CNet

CNET: Dos and don’ts of Internet safety

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Online Office gets needed updates

Live collaborative editing of documents was the one feature on Google’s office suite that I thought Microsoft should adopt for its’ online office suite. Now, it has.  Read More at ZDNet

Arg, Windows 8.1 Changed How You Shutdown Apps

With Windows 8.1, there was a key change, and annoying in my opinion, to the finger gesture used to shutdown an app.  To shutdown an app in Windows 8,  all you needed to do was drag your finger from the top of the screen to the bottom and release.  The app would disappear off the […]

Synchronized Wallpaper

With Windows 8.1, you can synchronize your desktop wallpaper with your Start Screen background.  Follow the CNet link below to find out more about this tip.  

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