Life in Heterotopia – Latinx Reality and the U.S. Border Lands

The term “borderlands” has become a multi-vocal term used to describe much more than the U.S. Latinx border reality. Today’s borderlands don’t have to be geographically located in the southwestern U.S. and in the 21st century the Latinx borderlands are understood as places where identity, culture, race, religion, and belonging intersect in complicated and even violent ways. This lecture will examine two key issues of life in the borderlands, identity and citizenship, as a way to better understand how today’s U.S. borderlands are in reality a heterotopia for the more than 54 million Latinx living in the U.S. today.  Sponsored by Latin American & Latino Studies, Wake Fores School of Divinity and the WF Intercultural Center.  Wednesday, April 4, Annenberg Forum, 6:00 pm.