Mentoring Program Campus Tour

On Saturday April 28, the Mentoring Program  sponsored a WFU campus tour for middle and high school students from local schools and their families.  Mentors Liz Torres-Ramírez, Kimberly Romero, Alex Reyes and Frida Islas took students around WFU campus, and gave a presentation about the college application process.

On Thursday, May 10,  there will be a final presentation by our first mentoring program graduates.  The three students (Alex Reyes, Frida Islas and Kimberly Romero) will reflect on their mentoring experience these last two years as well as discuss their analysis of the assessment that they conducted of the mentoring program in the past year. The presentation will take place at El Buen Pastor Latino Community Services during the EBPLCS parents’ meeting which begins at 5pm.
If you are able to make it, I’m sure that our LALS mentors will be happy to see you there.