“Monument to a Great Living Artist” – Yali Romagoza – November 5, 2018

Yali RomagozaNew York City-based Cuban multimedia artist Yali Romagoza will present her performance piece, “Monument to a Great Living Artist” at SECCA.  The performance is designed to raise awareness of the plight of women throughout the world.  It calls into question the narrowly focused, middle-class, white feminist struggle that often excludes working-class women, immigrants, and women of color to benefit only a few.  It is a visual spectacle that will encourage our students and community to react to, and reflect on, essentially contested views.  What does it mean to belong to a minority group?  How do we combat derogatory stereotypes of women and immigrants?  How art and educational institutions historically perceived and treated women, and how have notions of “greatness” influenced how art and other achievements are perceived today?  How do social categories and national identity determine how other cultures and societies are perceived?  Sponsored by the Department of Spanish and Italian and the Latin American & Latino Studies Program.