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Spring 2017: ENG 357A/657AG – Studies in Chicano/a Literature


What is a Nation? What is a Border? Offered Mondays & Wednesdays 2:30 – 3:15 PM Dr. Dean Franco Approved for LALS, WGS, AES and ENG credit. Counts toward Division II Requirement

REL 390: The Politics of Holiness – New LALS Course

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Mary, Saints, and Martyrs in Latino Catholicism Instructor:  Dr. Elizabeth O’Donnell Gandolfo Dates & Times:  T/Th –  9:30am –  Wingate 206   This course explores the political dimensions of Catholic devotions to Mary, saints, and martyrs both in Latin America and among Latino/as in the United States.  Particular attention will be paid to critically […] Read more »

History 275: Modern Latin America

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This course will be offered during the Fall 2015 by Dr. Mir Yarfitz.  It is a survey of Latin-American history since independence, concentrating on the 20th. century.  Emphasizes race, gender, revolution, populism, dictatorship, resistance movements, and U.S.-Latin American relations.  Examines cultural artifacts from multiple genres.

LAS 310 – Fall 2015

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  This course offers students a contextual and theological overview of the body of thought broadly construed as Latin American Liberation Theology. The course begins by introducing the social, historical, and ecclesiastic contexts in which liberation theology emerged. It then analyzes the mutual influence between liberation theology and the Catholic church in Latin America […] Read more »