Latino Awareness Week – April 6 – 10

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Join the Wake Forest Latino Community to celebrate a week full of diverse activities.  The week begins with the screening of the film”Who is Dayani Cristal?”, followed by a Zumba session that will make you burn calories while benefiting the Chaplain’s Emergency Fund.  On Wednesday, Felicia Arriaga (Duke University) will talk about Latinos and Policing, […] Read more »

River Run International Film Festival

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Among the films lined up for this year’s River Run Festival (April 16 – 26), is the documentary by Ted Roach 120 Days, that tells the story of family man Miguel Cortés, who could be forced to leave the country in four months as a result o his immigration status.  In exchange for Miguel agreeing […] Read more »

History 275: Modern Latin America

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This course will be offered during the Fall 2015 by Dr. Mir Yarfitz.  It is a survey of Latin-American history since independence, concentrating on the 20th. century.  Emphasizes race, gender, revolution, populism, dictatorship, resistance movements, and U.S.-Latin American relations.  Examines cultural artifacts from multiple genres.

LAS 310 – Fall 2015

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  This course offers students a contextual and theological overview of the body of thought broadly construed as Latin American Liberation Theology. The course begins by introducing the social, historical, and ecclesiastic contexts in which liberation theology emerged. It then analyzes the mutual influence between liberation theology and the Catholic church in Latin America […] Read more »